A unique perspective

Ms. Long has a unique perspective on business as she learned first-hand what many in Corporate America are coming to learn: there is much to be gained in the business world from the study of human behavior. Throughout the last two decades of working with executives, business owners and those on every level of the corporate ladder in both the legal and psychological realms, she has seen that businesses can no longer ignore the psychological needs of their human capital without it affecting their bottom line. Ms. Long can take that dual lens of applied psychology and the law to analyze your organization's needs and move you towards your goals.

Services and benefits

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the benefits our services can provide your organization, including:

  • On-site counseling and executive coaching to assist those with the greatest demands to maintain peak performance.
  • Conflict resolution between employees and management to retain valuable staff and reduce liability exposure.
  • Staff trainings to improve relationships and time management.
  • Human Capital risk management to identify weaknesses in your team for potential loss of quality employees and potential liability risks.
  • Stress management plans to improve employee satisfaction and efficiency.

COrporate and organizational services

Additional Tools and modalities are

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