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Rachel Long, LCSW offers therapy services to both individuals and couples. Ms. Long has over twenty years of experience with clients from various backgrounds grappling with diverse struggles, including depression, anxiety, trust issues, addiction, breakdowns in communication and many other obstacles. Ms. Long is prepared to walk beside you on your journey to greater awareness and healing.  Click on Counseling for more details or Contact Us to schedule a free phone consultation.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have about her experience and treatment methods.      


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Organization and Business Consulting


Here at R. Long Counseling & Consulting, LLC we recognize that employee stress, low morale, high turnover and other conflicts in the workplace can not only lead to staff dissatisfaction but can also affect efficiency, increase liability exposure and devalue your organization's brand. Let us come to your office for a complimentary consultation to analyze your company's needs and provide you with an individualized proposal that will address your specific concerns so you can improve the value and satisfaction of your human capital. For more details see Consulting Services.

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